Maric Flow Control Valves

Maric Flow Control valves maintain a fixed, pre-set, constant flow rate, regardless of pressure.

A constant flow rate, even while demand for water, or upstream or downstream pressures are changing, can offer valuable protection for flow rate sensitive equipment and water distribution systems. Read More

Why use a Maric Flow Control Valve?Maric Flow Control Valves

  • Valuable protection for flow rate sensitive pumps, filters, pump glands, and water distribution systems.
  • Compact – as compared with conventional diaphragm valves
  • Tamper proof – as these valves provide a fixed flow rate, it prevents unauthorized adjustment
  • Automatic – the rubber’s orifice diameter responds automatically to pressure fluctuations
  • Maintenance free – no external actuations or wearing parts
  • Self cleaning
  • Life span of up to 20 years

Maric Flow Control is an Australian owned manufacturing engineering firm situated in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Latest News

  • MAK Water Testimonial

    MAK Water regularly installs Maric Flow Control valves in our water treatment plants. Doing so enables us to use the media filter feed pump as a backwash pump, resulting in cost savings....

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  • 50th Anniversary

    Advertiser editorial in SA Business Journal - in recognition of Maric celebrating 50 years of manufacturing products for the water industry, plus record sales and exports as well.

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  • Mining Mining View PDF
    • Maximise gland packing life through carefully controlled gland-water flow
    • Minimise dilution of slurry
    • Ensure availability of gland-water to all glands on a common gland-water line
    • Minimise wastage of available packing water supplies
    • Control flow rate for a variety of other uses - including safety showers and eye washing equipment, pump protection, dust suppression, or fire fighting
  • Water Authorities Water Authorities View PDF
    • Encourage payment of overdue water bills
    • Improve mains distribution pressure
    • Extend water meter life
    • Enable agreed maximum flow to consumers tanks.
    • Enable economical distribution to sparsely populated areas
    • Enforce water restriction
    • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Water Treatment Water Treatment View PDF
    • Prevent media loss during back-flushing
    • Protect delicate filters from excessive flow rates
    • Control of service water flow through delicate filters.
    • Enable controlled flow rate of sampling water to analysing equipment
    • Ensure 100% bacteria kill in ultraviolet water sterilisation
    • Control flow of carrier water to coupon rack in cooling tower, water treatment installations
  • Industrial Industrial View PDF
    • Vacuum Pumps "Liquid Ring" - operator convenience, prevent overheating and overloading
    • Fire-fighting – guarantee pressure and flow to all hydrants, control flow of water and foaming agent to ensure correct dose ratio
    • Dust Suppression - minimise dust and erosion
    • Distilleries - ensure correct cooling of condensers
    • Safety showers & eye-wash equipment - ensure safe operation
  • Irrigation Farming Irrigation & Farming  View PDF
    • Centrifugal Pump Protection
    • When an authority enforces limits to, (or reduced) pumping rates, with a non-adjustable valve
    • Preventing electric motor overload 
    • Preventing nuisance low-pressure motor tripping
    • Fertiliser dosing for irrigation
    • Vitamin dosing for stock
  • Pump Protection Pump Protection View PDF
    Extend pump life by:
    • Keeping pump on its curve by limiting maximum flow rate
    • Prevent up-thrust damage (common on high draw-down submersibles)
    • Prevent cavitation damage
    • Prevent over-pumping beyond the supply capacity
    • Maximise gland packing life through carefully controlled gland-water flow
  • Domestic Commercial Domestic & Commercial View PDF
    • Showers - water conservation and energy savings
    • Drinking fountains - controlled stream
    • Toilet cisterns - Prevent "continuous flush" operation if fill rate is too fast
    • Water hammer prevention
    • Keep flow below a pre set maximum to ensure gas & electric instantaneous heaters can heat to a sufficiently hot temperature